the big full.

the big full..


30L Thursdays @ NewtiQue

ImageSoooo I may own this group/blog but I also own NewtiQue and design the clothing there too ❤ \o/.  I decided I wanted to reward my customers with something awesome and not so expensive, so I decided on a 30L Thursday Event, yes that’s right ladies, every Thursday, you will get an outfit/item of clothing for the steal price of 30L.  This is what I have this week, which consists of, Sharpy Boots, Mesh MicroSkirt-5 Sizes, Mesh Cardie-5 Sizes and Funny Tee with Lolas Tango Appliers.. As they say on these silly programs ::: COME ON DOWNNNNNNNN

NewtiQue- Going Bust?

ImageAs you lovely boobie wearing ladies already know, CleaVage has a bi-weekly event called Going Bust, now Elle, owner and designer @ J’adore has a wonderful sexy outfit for you, and I thought I would give you a teaser taster of NewtiQue’s item ❤ Remember ladies, this event does not start until 9th may ’13 so keep those twitchy fingers twitching for another 2 days ❤


May Giftie @ NewtiQue <3

Image This is the May Group Giftie from NewtiQue. Comes with Lolas Tango’s, skirt prim and shirt and pants layer. Tis pretty adorable I mean, c’mon I did make this, half asleep at almost 3am lol. You would think, with a 16 week old baby I would be trying to sleep but noooooo, I make a rod for my own back and make clothes instead haha.. Anyway back to the subject in question::: This group giftie is available inworld right now with group tag activation (Group Fee=0) Come on down here right now and get your cute lil dress ❤

I ❤ you all